Walmart’s Delivery Services

Walmart’s Delivery uses a mobile app 통합택배조회 to notify drivers of your order. Once the driver arrives, they hand off your order. Then, they’ll call you to let you know that it’s on its way. This is a great way to track your order. And, Walmart’s partnerships with delivery services help to ensure that your order is delivered safely and quickly.

Walmart’s Delivery Cost

If you’re considering a Walmart delivery, you should be aware of the cost. Walmart will usually pay the driver a certain amount of money depending on the distance between the store and the customer’s location. If the location is less than five miles away, the cost will be less than $10, but if it’s more than ten or fifteen miles away, the cost will be more.

For orders under $35, Walmart’s delivery cost is $5.99. For orders of larger or heavier items, the delivery cost is up to $9.95. You will be contacted by the shipping company to arrange a delivery date and time. Depending on your location and the items purchased, you may even qualify for free delivery if you’re a Walmart+ subscriber.

Walmart’s Delivery Speed

Walmart’s in-home delivery service is expanding its services. With this service, customers can receive their orders inside their homes, including inside the refrigerator. The workers who deliver these orders must have worked at Walmart for at least a year and must go through a background check. They also must wear a body camera.

Customers can order for same-day delivery or express delivery. To order for same-day delivery, customers should add items to their carts, then select a time slot that is convenient for them. If you need an item in the morning, you can choose the express delivery option, and the Walmart associates will deliver your items within two hours.

When ordering online, you can also specify a tip for the driver. Walmart allows customers to enter a tip of up to 20% of the total bill. You can choose between a $5 tip and a $10 tip. The tip amount is entirely up to you, but you can tip the driver before or after the delivery.


One of the biggest concerns about Walmart delivery safety is security. The company is actively seeking to resolve this issue. Walmart’s security measures include having associates complete extensive vetting, background checks, and training. Employees are required to have at least one year of experience in a retail setting and to pass a driving record check. While this is an important precaution, it doesn’t eliminate the threat entirely.

Other concerns about Walmart delivery safety involve collisions with other vehicles, stationary objects, and pedestrians. Many businesses that hire delivery drivers seek to minimize these risks by screening applicants based on their driving experience and record. Some companies also require delivery drivers to hold a commercial driver’s license.


The new Walmart delivery service, known as GoLocal, will offer fast, affordable delivery to local consumers. The service will be a white-label version of Walmart’s existing package delivery service, but will not use Walmart-branded vehicles. Rather, it will use delivery drivers that are Walmart associates, gig workers, or other delivery services. Walmart currently partners with FedEx to deliver packages online.

Walmart’s delivery initiatives have met with mixed results. The company’s partnership with Lyft and Uber failed to expand beyond Denver, which was intended to be a test market. It also found it difficult to find and recruit drivers who would deliver groceries after working nine-hour shifts. The company is working to improve its delivery services and has partnered with several small delivery companies.

Walmart’s Delivery In-home delivery

Starting this fall, Walmart will offer customers the option of in-home delivery of their groceries. These deliveries will be handled by associates from the retailer’s stores. They will place perishable items in the refrigerator and leave the rest wherever the customer chooses. Customers can order groceries through the Walmart app or online. Walmart will charge $5.99 for the service.

The service is expected to add 196 jobs in Miami. The service will be available for both local and remote customers. Customers can authorize Walmart associates to enter their homes and place their orders in the refrigerator. If they aren’t home, the associate will place the orders on the counter, where the customer can view them. They will also be required to complete a detailed training program. The associates will have to work for the retailer for at least a year and must have a valid W-2 form on file.