Types of Parking Lot Insurance

If you’re a garagekeeper or own a parking lot, then you may be wondering what type of insurance you need. If you have collision coverage on your car, it will pay out any damage caused by another driver to your vehicle after your deductible is met. Accidents in a parking lot are just like those anywhere else. Your insurance company will handle them the same way. All of your existing coverage applies to any accident in a parking lot.

Bruening Insurance 더팬시카 agent

parking lot insuranceWhen it comes to business insurance, parking lot coverage is one area that may be overlooked, but it is a necessary part of the business insurance package. Insurance for parking lots can help protect the business from a number of potential liabilities, such as falling on ice. Additionally, parking lot liability laws vary and can leave the business owner responsible for costly medical expenses and other damage to the property. By speaking with a Bruening Insurance agent about parking lot insurance, you can protect your business against these problems.

While liability insurance covers accidents that happen on the lot, property insurance covers the structure of the parking lot, including the signage and fixtures. A fire in the parking lot can also spread to the surrounding building. In addition, theft and crime by employees can be minimized by having adequate insurance coverage on commercial vehicles parked in the parking lot. Bruening Insurance agents are also trained to help businesses protect their commercial vehicles from fire and theft.


Mipac is a parking lot management application that offers an exclusive insurance solution and a reservation system for parking lots. This innovative parking solution solves the common problem faced by parking lots with valet services, such as accidents. Customers can use the app for booking parking spots, simple payments, and other functions. This makes Mipac stand out from other parking lot apps. Pre-registration for Mipac starts from March on the company’s website. Users can also pre-register on SNS channels. The pre-registration form includes detailed information about the app’s insurance solution and the benefits of Mipac.

Garagekeepers insurance

If you own a parking lot, you should consider purchasing Garagekeepers insurance. This type of insurance protects you against losses resulting from accidents, such as damaged cars and vandalism. Additionally, it helps you avoid bad press and a damaged reputation, if any customer should ever damage their car while using your parking lot. There are many different types of insurance policies for garage keepers. Here are some of the most common types of parking lot insurance coverage.

One type of garagekeepers insurance is legal liability coverage. This type of policy protects your business and any customer vehicles that are left in your care while performing maintenance or repairs. If you operate a car-service business, garagekeepers liability insurance is essential. This type of insurance will cover you if a customer files a claim for damage or injury due to your negligence. This type of insurance will also protect your customers’ vehicles if someone is injured due to improper parking.

Business property insurance

If you own a parking lot, you should consider getting some type of business property insurance. It may not cover the same things as a business owner’s policy, but it is still important to keep in mind the liability laws for parking lots. For example, parking lot insurance may cover damages caused by falling on ice or snow. Depending on your location, you might also need to get coverage for an elevator, garage, gate, or booth.

Parking lot insurance should cover anything that can damage a car, including vandalism. It will protect you if your employees steal something from your lot or commit another fraudulent act. If you have a business auto policy, it will cover your business’s vehicles. Whether it is a commercial vehicle or a single car, parking lot insurance can protect your business. You may also want to get employee theft insurance. The cost of such insurance varies depending on your location.

Products and advertising liability

The type of parking lot insurance you need depends on your industry and your location. General liability coverage for parking lots can range from $450 to $1 million. This type of insurance coverage often comes as part of a business owner’s policy and may also include business interruption and property insurance. In addition, parking lot insurance covers injuries incurred in the course of operating a parking lot. For more information on parking lot insurance, contact a professional today.

Parking lot insurance also covers any structures or equipment that might be erected in the parking lot, such as lighting fixtures or an elevator. If parking lot businesses accept credit cards, this insurance is a must. Purchasing it protects your business from lawsuits resulting from unauthorized card use. In some cases, parking lot owners even choose to add data breach insurance to their existing policy. In such a case, the insurance provider will cover the costs of recovering customer card information.